f Gunja Indian - International Chef


I was born in Nepal – one of the most beautiful parts of the world. However, all my practical cooking experience I gained in different parts of India with its vast, varied and multi-national culture. From early years I have always been taking keen interest in the cooking process, so it is only natural that I finally arrived into the hotel and restaurant industry.
The utmost pleasure for me is when the client’s taste and soul are satisfied and pleased; I understand this as my duty and responsibility. One of the most respected qualities I consider truthfulness, and I am happy to associate and collaborate with such type of people, whether co-workers, or owners, or clients. The atmosphere lacking mutual confidence and respect kills the wish to work. In this aspect I’d rather prefer quality to quantity.
How did I get to Bulgaria? In 2002 an Indian restaurant called “Taj Mahal” was opened in Sofia, the capital of the beautiful country of Bulgaria. I met the golden chance of creating its original and delicious menu and being its Chef for quite a time. With the time going on, I met different people and worked at different places, including some important 5-star hotels and restaurants which contributed greatly to my professional experience.
Finally I got so used to and so close with Bulgaria that I feel this land and its people as part of my nature. And to be useful here, I consider it my duty to introduce the culture of my country through what I can do best - through cooking. Please, do come and taste my food in my Nepali Indian restaurant GURKHA, which is located in the quiet Sofia area of Lozenets, at No. 56, Tsvetna gradina Stree. For those concerned see details at the restaurants's site below (click on the banner):

Welcome to the Indian Nepali restaurant GURKHA. http://WWW.GURKHABG.COM